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Finding the fish is half the battle but where do you start? Let The Fisherman help narrow your search with the following hot spot reviews. Each honey hole is covered in detail to reveal the best seasons, times and tides for our most popular species. Maps, tips and insights from our expert fishing staff help pin-point the best of the action in your area so you'll be there with the right lures, bait and gear when the bite is ready to explode.


The water here is gin clear – much more so than my native waters of Long Island Sound – and the beach about 1/4 mile north of me glimmered white in the midday sun. A more picturesque fluke hotspot is hard to imagine. Isabella Beach, typically referred to as just “Isabella” by local anglers, is about a half-mile long, slightly-banana-shaped stretch of sand on the south side of Fishers Island in the eastern end of Long Island Sound. Fishers Island itself is about nine miles long by only one mile wide, and despite its close proximity to the Connecticut shoreline, is part of Southold Town. To its north is Fishers Island Sound, and to its south is Block Island Sound. It is this stretch along its south shore that is a perennial fluke fishing hotspot. Read more »


At the risk of being labeled a “spot burner,” I thought it best to cover an entire 18-mile stretch as opposed to any favorite bar, point or jetty. Of course, with the eight-week LBI Surf Fishing Classic slated to kick off in early October, you can expect a bit of interloping to occur regardless of what you may see in print!

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All through the month of July, Massey’s Canyon was red hot for bluefin tuna. Roughly 43 miles southeast out of Cape May Inlet and 32 miles from Ocean City, MD, Massey’s is easily accessible for mid-range boaters and sportfishers alike to get into big gamefish (hence the often crowded conditions).

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Orient Point, NY is the farthest easterly tip on the north fork of Long Island, and it separates Long Island Sound to the north from Gardiners Bay to the south. The town of Orient is located several miles inland from the point, and it gained a reputation as a honeymooner’s hideaway early in the 20th century. In the late 1980s, Suffolk County purchased a large area of land here to help maintain and preserve the peninsula’s fragile environment of beaches, dunes and tidal marshes. Still the only way to attain the tip of the point is by a footpath, which minimizes impact to the land and offers more pristine fishing conditions.

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Anglers sailing from Mount Sinai and Port Jefferson Harbors, and from as far west as Huntington, will set their GPS for Stratford Shoal - better known as the Middle Ground. Each season sees exceptional fishing for stripers and bluefish along with the trio of tog, sea bass and scup to keep rods bent and anglers coming back for more. Read more »


The story goes that the Chicken Canyon was named for offshore guys who were too “chicken” to make the run all the way out to the Hudson Canyon. At roughly 56 miles out of Manasquan Inlet, the Chicken Canyon is a solid spot to stop and fish exclusively, or on the way out or back from the Hudson Canyon, not only because of its deep cut and ledgy makeup, but in that the triple threat of the Bidevind, Texas Tower and Bacardi are only a short run east of the spot if you need to make a move.

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Built in 1937, the 423-foot oil tanker Coimbra was destined for duty shipping hundreds of thousands of barrels of fuel oil across the Atlantic for as many years as the Socony Vacuum Oil Company could get from the newly built ship. Then, during the wee hours on the morning of January 15, 1942 just before her fifth birthday, a torpedo fired from the German sub U-123 hit her amidships, exploding the Coimbra’s cargo of 81,000 barrels of fuel into a giant ball of flames, and killing all but six crew members in the disaster. Read more »


On March 14, 1886 the 500 plus foot British passenger liner the Oregon met her fate when she collided with a schooner, most likely the Charles R Morse, and sunk approximately 15 miles south of Moriches Inlet.

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As I eased my truck into the last available spot in the parking lot located at the end of South Pamet road, my heart began to race as visions of past tides rushed through my mind. Read more »


Anglers looking for an edge along the very eastern end of the South and North Forks for ground fish and gamesters, will find Cerberus Shoal to be that place, weather permitting, throughout spring, summer and fall. Read more »


Splitting the towns of Strathmere and Ocean City at its southern tip, Corson’s Inlet’s inflow and outflow attracts all possible saltwater gamefish to run through its sometimes rippy, other times, placid waters. Read more »


When John Christian shattered the New Jersey state freshwater striped bass record in 2002 with a behemoth 51-pound cow, the venue it was dragged from didn’t really take anyone by surprise - at least those familiar with the Great Egg Harbor River in Atlantic County. Read more »

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