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Posted By Dave Anderson, September 10, 2018
The table is set for a great fall run as there is a load of bait in local waters from small anchovies to medium bunker like those seen here to adult bunker. (Photo courtesy of Bobby J’s Bait and Tackle)
I’m declaring this the end of the lull. The reports don’t really show it, but I know from experience that things tend to kick into gear after that first taste of fall weather, and as I write this, we’ve gone through a 20-degree temperature swing and a second system is coming in with more hard NE winds, gray skies and rain. So it’s officially ON as far as I’m concerned. So I’d suggest looking in your traditional fall spots for your fall species of choice. Stripers are likely to begin surging into the Sound via Wicopesset Passage and the Race. There’s loads of bait in place from there, clear to the Connecticut River and beyond. Bluefish have been kind of tough to pin down all season long and that hasn’t changed. The Gut is one of the historical producers of big blues, it’s easy to suggest going there, but I would hitch my wagon to the mouth of the Connecticut River for now, it’s the strongest producer of large bunker in the state and you can fill in the blanks from there. Then there’s the question that seems to be weighing on everyone’s minds; albies. The mere mention of this word in a tackle shop is likely to turn you into the prettiest girl in the room until the masses determine that you don’t have any new info. I, personally, have solid information on the beginnings of the albie run out at Martha’s Vineyard, through Vineyard Sound, up Buzzards Bay and *few* in Rhode Island. There was one report of albies around New London… I have trouble believing it because that’s the only one I’ve heard of west of Point Judith, but it’s possible. The onslaught seems to take 8 to 12 days from the start, so the fuse is lit. Pro tip: buy your Epoxy Jigs, Deadly Dicks and other assorted albie paraphernalia now, or risk being left to throw 3-ounce Deadly Dicks and the castoff colored Epoxy Jigs. The locusts are gathering, you’ve been warned.
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