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Posted By Charley Soares, September 10, 2018
With a string of bad weather on the distant horizon, the Canal is likely going to be a hot spot to fish for striped bass this week! (Photo courtesy of Red Top Sporting Goods)
Hey, it’s September, and just when some of the best fishing of the year is coming into play the hurricanes come roaring up the east coast. My advice to our readers is to check the weather and take advantage of every single minute, hour and day to get out on the water and fish because a hurricane is not a singular event that comes and goes. As most of you know, the aftermath of hurricanes linger in the form of big seas, dirty water and occasionally such destruction that we are prevented from even getting close to the water. This fisherman watches the weather and gets out at every opportunity. On the day of this report there are three storms off our coast, and as soon as this report is completed we are launching the boat. I can’t do anything about the weather, but I’m not wasting my time complaining about it.
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