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Southern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands


Posted By Charley Soares, October 8, 2018
There have been schools of small, 10- to 14-inch bonito running the inshore waters from the Islands on up to the North Shore of Massachusetts for some time, with anglers scoring them both from shore and by boat. Melissa Blain of Chicopee, MA, landed this one out at Race Point on the Cape.
If it wasn’t for bad weather we wouldn’t have had much else over the past week. The most consistent action this week has once again been the Canal. It’s not hot but it is better than much of the other areas that were shut down by gusty northeast winds and torrential rains. Ocean waters are disturbed, with a heavy surf on over the weekend but it should be cleaner and calmer by the time you read this. Out on the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, a mix of bass, blues, bonito and false albacore are circling the islands, much to the chagrin of Derby and Classic participants.
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