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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
South Shore


Posted By Tom Melton, November 5, 2018
The striped bass jigging bite was on south of Fire Island on Sunday, November 4.
For this week there is no question the best bet should be striped bass. Anglers have reported that along the open beaches from Moriches to Fire Island and out on the sand eel and bunker pods, stripers over 30 pounds are roaming. I am sure there will be reports of fish in the 40s or even higher as the week progresses. For boaters, trolling Mojo or Bunker spoons is a sure fire way to a large bass, while jigging A67 Diamond Jigs with green or white tubes will make for an exciting day, and account for big fish too. If you find bunker pods, snag and drop is another option, and last but not least, live spots will turn them on as well. As for blackfish, do not overlook them as the waters are cooling and the tog should be beginning to chew better. A good tip from last week’s edition was to fish a slack but taught line. Meaning allow the sinker to hit bottom, then do not allow it to move. Wait for the peck, then the hard hit before setting the hook.
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