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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY


Posted By Fred Golofaro, November 12, 2018
There continues to be plenty of stripers and sand eels along the Island’s South Shore from Montauk to Breezy Point, but keepers were a rarity this week. It looks like we have fallen into the pattern we expected prior to the fall run, with short stripers dominating the beach scene, although we were blessed with a showing of some quality fish early on in the run. Whether some bigger fish find their way into the wash again is up for debate but not likely given that the bigger fish seemed to be concentrated a long way off the beach in as much as 80-feet of water this past week. The North Shore also appears to have its share of short stripers through the middle and west end of the Sound.
Still, these small bass that range anywhere from 14 to 27 inches can be a lot of fun on the right tackle. When the surf is down, scale down to lighter gear and you’ll appreciate catching good numbers of these small fish. They might not be much fun on an 11-footer spooled with 30 or 40-pound test, but it is a whole different ball game catching them on tackle better suited to freshwater bass and trout. Keep the big sticks at the ready in case the unexpected happens but be sure to pack the light tackle for the remaineder of the fall. Those small bass provided excellent action last fall right up until the middle of December. I had a blast catching them in the snow on December 15th, the last day I fished for them. That same day, the few boats that fished out of Fire Island did well on some quality fish. Somehow this year’s run seems destined to wind down earlier. Clouds of birds working over fish well off the beach were evident weeks earlier than last fall, indicating the movement of fish is ahead of last fall’s migration. However, there are still lots of small bass to our north as indicated by the Rhode Island and Massachusetts reports at the end of this column. Time will tell how things play out, but in the meantime, break out the light tackle and take advantage of every opportunity to get on the beach before winter takes hold.
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