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Posted By Toby Lapinski, December 3, 2018
Cod fishing was reported as being quite good across the entire Block Island fleet this past week. (Photo courtesy of Booked Off Charters)
After some rather solid blackfishing reports last week, the lowly tog took a noticeable backseat to some other late-fall bottom fishing species like cod, black sea bass and even haddock. In general, even when boats got out this week, blackfishing was reported to be slow to “just ok” since checking-in last week. It’s tough to say just what caused this adjustment, but it is what it is. Fortunately, where the tog slowed others eagerly stepped up. Cod to 20-plus pounds, black sea bass to the 4- and 5-pound class, hubcap-sized porgies and even a major run of haddock—yes haddock—were caught off Block Island. While we’re used to seeing a handful of haddock landed in these waters, the catches are usually very sparse and anything but consistent. Last week was much different, however, as several boats reported landing more than 200 keepers each per day! I’m not sure if we usually see 200 haddock per winter across the entire fleet, let alone a single boat’s outing for the day. Whatever the coming week has in store, odds are that there will be renewed interest so don’t delay and book your spot at the rail today!
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