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Posted By Jim Hutchinson, Jr., January 21, 2019
George “The Pocono Outdoors Guy” Schauer with a perch taken last week from a Pocono iced over lake. For the latest ice fishing report from the Pocono area, be sure to look for Thursday’s New Jersey region video forecast at The Fisherman.
NJ Governor Murphy declared a state of emergency on Saturday starting at noon for the advancing snowmageddon that all but passed most of the Garden State. While folks in the Northwest part of the state got socked by heavy snow, it’s standard winter procedure there; and despite a relative handful of power outages statewide, Winter Storm Harvey was mostly another forecasting bust. What those prognosticators did NOT get wrong however was the cold snap, with a blast of single digits (below zero wind chill) to begin the week. Those party and charter boats that were in the hunt for winter blackfish are expecting few takers this week with the cold, though it should firm up ice conditions in the coming days for those looking to drill a hole for perch, walleye, musky, trout and largemouth. In our weekly video forecast that gets emailed to eNews subscribers every week, don’t miss our video updates from the Pocono ice with George “The Pocono Outdoors Guy” only at The Fisherman Magazine.
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