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Posted By Toby Lapinski, July 8, 2019
Max Finch from Fisherman’s World in Norwalk, CT, spent part of the long holiday weekend fishing alongside his nephew, feeding bunker to big bass.
For many the 4th of July signifies the transition of striped bass patterns from transient spring fish to summer residents as they settle into more consistent patterns and locations. So far 2019 has been defined by a break from the norm with big bass being seen as far as Boston Harbor well in advance of when they’d be expected to do so in a “normal” year and bait patterns rather unreliable. That said, the one consistent pattern so far has been the correlation to finding bunker and finding big bass with the better bites being seen in Western Long Island Sound, upper Narragansett Bay and the aforementioned Boston Harbor. The waters off Block Island have seen their usual big bass push the last few weeks, too. How the rest of the season will play out is anyone’s guess, let’s just hope the pattern becomes more predictable.
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