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Posted By Toby Lapinski, July 15, 2019
Captain John of Fish Chatham Charters has found some very good tuna fishing this week landing tuna in the 76-, 80- and 90-inch class fishing live bait off Cape Cod.
As Offshore Field Editor, Patrick Vogt led off his emailed report this week, “Good weather equals plenty to talk about!” Up around the Cape there are so many bluefin being caught that captains have begun to play catch and release as the market is flooded and there is almost zero commercial demand—you’re not going to find any ‘Wicked Tuna’ prices this week! The canyons have continued to produce bigeye, yellowfin, mahi, and marlin. Atlantis and Hydrographer Canyons produced the best results for crews this week. Sharking remains lock and load with more action than your arms may be able to handle. Bring plenty of rigs, as the blue dogs are thick, but some large threshers and makos are being weeded out of the fray.
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