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Posted By Toby Lapinski, August 5, 2019
Andy Smith landed this 8.2-pound bonito on a Tsunami Talking Popper while fishing off Watch Hill this weekend.
While we’ve been seeing a few bonito popping up here and there at the Vineyard, South County, RI and off the South Shore of Long Island for weeks, this week saw a major up-tick in their reporting with confirmed fish in all those places plus well inside Long Island Sound from Watch Hill to Hatchetts Reef. I also got words of schools of chub mackerel being seen from Block Island to Milford, CT—far further into the Sound than they ever made it last season. We have yet to receive confirmation of the first false albacore of the season in local waters, but my money says it won’t be much more than another week or two until we check that one of the season list, too!
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