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Posted By Toby Lapinski, August 19, 2019
While most anglers have a tough time catching bonito one at a time, Brooke Gregg Angell made it look easy by landing a pair of them at once this week while reeling up her fluke rig in Long Island Sound!
This week’s reports included many references to funny fish—bonito and chub mackerel primarily—with reports coming in from the Canal, the Vineyard, Newport, the West Wall through South County, the Watch Hill Reef complex and on into mid-Long Island Sound. While most of the cathodes were made by boatmen, surf anglers also got in on the action in some of these spots. We are still eagerly awaiting the first locally-confirmed false albacore of the season, and frankly I am somewhat surprised not to have gotten word of one just yet. If you happen to be the one to break the ice on the 2019 albie season, be sure to snap a picture and email it over to me at tlapinski@thefisherman.com!
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