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Posted By Toby Lapinski, April 27, 2020
Christian Oliva and his buddies hit the Norwalk, CT shoreline this week for a handful of stripers on small jig heads and Z-Man soft plastics.

For the past three weeks to maybe a month-plus, striper action has been mostly a game of working on holdovers in tidal rivers. Well, this week saw a major expansion of where you can find fish. Sure the tidal rivers still have fish, and likely the biggest ones as they chase river herring, but the recent reports include fish on the Cape through Rhode Island and on into the Western Sound being landed in the open surf.

I woke up on Sunday morning just after sunrise to do some trout fishing, but I had an urge to check a South County, RI surf cam as I sipped my coffee. As soon as the camera swung to the popular spring surf spot just east, I immediately recognized the silhouette of a surf fisherman working the white water. I didn’t witness him catch anything, but odds are good that he or she landed some fish.

I still haven’t hit the surf myself, but don’t take my lead on this one; go out there and make some reports (and be sure to email me some pictures at tlapinski@thefisherman.com if you catch!)

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