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North Shore

Early Spring Stripers

Posted By Fred Golofaro, March 13, 2017
Early Spring Stripers
Many North Shore anglers will be thinking stripers with spring kicking in on Monday.

It’s been another dreary week on the fishing front along this part of the Island. Prior to the latest deep freeze, there was reason to be optimistic for an early start to the season. We had reports of some early stripers from the Hudson and also from Little Neck Bay.
With spring officially coming in on Monday and some moderate temperatures in the offing, let’s hope things get back on track quickly.

And don’t forget the striper fishery across the Sound in the Housatonic River. That got off to a fast start during those unseasonably mild spells and could bounce back in short order with some warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. As April approaches, keep an eye on not only on Little Neck Bay, but also places like Little Neck and Manhasset bays, and Hempstead Harbor. There is also the Hudson River fishery to look forward to, which opens up on April 1st north of the George Washington Bridge.

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