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Posted By Toby Lapinski, April 17, 2017
Small striped bass like this one landed by Dave Pickering really started to show along the South County beaches this past week. Image courtesy of Dave Pickering.

If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to land your first striped bass of the season. Grab some small bucktails and teasers, bend the barbs and fish anywhere from the Pawcatuck River to the West Wall.

The annual South County, RI ritual of targeting small to medium bass in April on the West Wall got underway last week. After a few weeks of scattered and spotty reports of a fish being landed here and there in the breachways, word spread like wildfire when things lined up with warm, sunny days coupled with favorable winds. The fish showed as they always do—perhaps a day or two earlier than originally predicted—but on time nonetheless. This is an almost all sub-legal fishery right now, so it is highly suggested that you throw single-hook lures and crush the bards—this is, after all, the future stock you’re fishing on! Also be sure to take care in both landing, unhooking and releasing those little fighters as today’s schoolie is tomorrow’s keeper.

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