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Posted By John Hanecak, May 15, 2017
Andrew Oliveri of Watch Hill, RI with a couple of nice early-season fluke taken off Block Island on May 12.

Striped bass will likely offer anglers with the best chance of hooking up this week as their numbers and size continue to increase along Rhode Island’s coastal waters. Larger fish will be found in areas with concentrations of bait so focus on areas likely to be holding adult bunker, herring and squid.

Fluke fishing has been improving slowly with some large flatties being caught out off Block around the Wind Farm, but some decent fish have also been landed over by Watch Hill. The key this time of the year on the inshore grounds is to find the squid and fish as close as you can to them.

As someone who tends to focus a lot of attention on chasing striped bass in the surf I had an opportunity this past week to break from the routine of chasing stripers when a fried suggesting that we go searching for weakfish. Now I hadn’t caught or even targeted weakfish in probably 20 years so the idea had some appeal to me. Our first attempt was fruitless with one hooked by my partner but lost before he could get ahold of it. Things lined up well to get out again later in the week and fortunately the fish were there. I was able to land three which was enough to satisfy my desire to catch one again but the experience got me wondering what other species of fish that I’ve neglected these past seasons I might want to pursue this year. Rhode Island offers an abundance of options when it comes to fishing so what is it that you might want to try this season that is a bit of a break from the normal routine?

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Dan Pyne - 342 days ago

Fished port of providence today can't remember when there was this many pogies so early no bass though they got to be coming soon

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