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Posted By Dave Anderson, June 12, 2017
While things feel a little behind where they should be, most all fisheries are finally kicking into gear in Long Island Sound. Photo courtesy of Rock and Roll Charters.

Your best bet this week would be to start prospecting for sea bass. Some areas are already seeing a good bite, others are just seeing the beginning of the bite. With a good heat wave this week, I expect the water temps to climb a couple degrees and that might be just enough to crank these sea biscuits into feed mode.

Just about all of the fisheries in Connecticut seem to be a little behind schedule. But that has started to change this week. There were some really good striper reports from some locations, while others remained quiet. This tells me that things are in the process of changing for the better. Getting out there before the change is reported is the key to reaping the rewards. As noted above, the sea bass bite is also in a state of positive change. Fluke may be another one, we’re hearing the usual complaints about too many shorts, but maybe a spike in water temps will bring in the doormats. I think now is the time to go find out, no matter what species you choose to chase.

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