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Posted By John Hanecak, June 12, 2017
There are stripers to be had in Rhody waters like this one landed aboard L’Il Toot this past week, but for those of us looking for cows the pickings have been slim.

We keep hearing, “They should arrive on the next moon,” or “When the bait fills in the bass will too.” But another week has passed and the big fish have yet to really invade local waters. There have been pushes of fish here and there, and a good catch being noted every so often. But for the most part the bassing in Rhody has yet to fill materialize. On a positive note, sand eels are being seen around Block Island so when the fish do finally arrive there is a good bait source in place to hold them there—assuming it doesn’t motor out of the area before then. In the meantime stick to the traditional spots where early-summer cows are known to prowl in the waters between Watch Hill, Montauk and Southwest Ledge as they will be here before you know it (or so we hope!)

Fluke fishing off of Rhode Island’s beaches and out around Block Island remains pretty good. Fluke reports improved this past week with more and larger fish showing up along the beaches and there are move black sea bass and some scup showing up as well.

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Blue Line Custom Rods - 315 days ago

This past weekend was a surprise. We got out for some striper action and got into several schoolies under the limit, It was still fun to catch fish. The Blue activity in the area is very heated, and we pulled in some monster Blues! At 8 to 10 LBS. Water temps as of Monday was 58 degrees at the mouth of the West Passage, and much warmer inside. Still no word from any Black Sea Bass through everything at them but no luck (odd). And thats my report June 12, 17 ~Blue Line Custom Rods~

Dave Price - 315 days ago

It has been a odd year. Extremely poor fishing in Jersey all through May and so far this month. Nice fish have been caught her and there but nothing crazy. Sever lack of bunker and bass. Not that the easterlies have helped bring bunker in but nothing even on days of westerlies when there should be bait and bass. Seems there are scatttwred reports from Long Island and the canal but overall a tough season. Not sure what the deal is..

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