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Southern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands


Posted By Charley Soares, June 12, 2017
Capt. Charley Soares with a keeper fluke caught last week on a 6-ounce Tsunami ball jig.

There are reports of large concentrations of pogies holding in most harbors and rivers from Westport to the west end of the Canal. With schools of mackerel from the east end to Boston there is no shortage of live bait in the reporting area and anglers are taking advantage of the type of bait that makes fish chew. If you have never used live bait you just might want to give it a try.

The bottom of my 151 Igloo cooler was loaded with three-inch lobster, lobster parts and loads of crabs after a few drifts off one of the ledges outside Westport Harbor. The bottom from Newport to the west end of the Canal is alive with black sea bass and they are devouring every short lobster and crab they come in contact with. For some of the best eating and light tackle action try jigging a three-ounce Tsunami jig with one of their lifelike squids as a teaser then hang on. Its great sport and even better eating. With a 52-pounder from Cape Cod Bay and at least two genuine 40’s from up around the Race there are big fish mixed-in with a load of 8- to 12-pounders as well as the micro bass that are all over the area. June is a tough month to beat so if you aren’t on vacation take some time off and enjoy some great fishing

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