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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
West End South


Posted By Geoffrey Lawrence, June 12, 2017
Tom Lynch trolled up this 47.50-pound striper on a bunker spoon off of Rockaway Beach.
Get out your trolling gear and work the bass grounds. Currently trolling bunker spoons for stripers has proven to be the most effective method for bringing jumbos to the net. Fish from 28 to 42 plus pounds were weighed. The best area for trolling seemed to be the waters south or SE of Debs Inlet at ranges from 40 to 50-ft. If you don’t want to troll head to a local bridge and drift clam bellies or fresh clams. Pick the incoming or outgoing tide. If fluking is your game then be prepared to go outside. Reports indicated the outside reefs and wrecks, including the Tankers area, have seen an excellent influx of bait with squid and sand eels leading the way. Bait rigs are preferred over bucktails right now. If you are a subscriber and catch the “Big One,” after your happy dance head to a participating tackle shop and enter it into the Fisherman Dream Boat Challenge.
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