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Posted By Dave Anderson, June 19, 2017
Some large fluke were weighed-in at Hillyer’s this past week with fish to 10-plus pounds being landed in Niantic Bay.
After a very short warm spell, we’re kind of stuck back in a pattern that feels more like early October than late June. This has seemed to slow down the progression of just about every local fishery so far. I’m trying to look at this as a positive, I see this as an extension of the spring season and if the water temps stay lower than normal through July, then we might just see June-like fishing in July. That doesn’t sound so bad to me. But with that said, bring on the summer… I mean c’mon now!

The fluke bite has really started to come to life in Niantic Bay. The guys from Hillyer’s weighed-in several 6- to 9-pounders and a 10.65-pounder. I think dropping a jig in that area just might be a good idea this week!
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