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Posted By John Hanecak, June 19, 2017
A body of large porgies moved into the waters south of Block Island this week so we should see some more Dream Boat entries hitting the board in coming days.
A number of the reports this past week mention good numbers of scup being caught in Rhode Island. Some big “dinner plate” scup are being found on the south side of Block, and shore-based anglers are finding fish along the South County rocky beaches and breachways. Keep in mind that the minimum weight for Dream Boat entry is just 2 pounds, so hold off on filleting that big slab until after you get back to the dock and weigh it in at your local weigh station. If the winds die down later this week as they are forecast to do, a trip over to Block Island looks like a good bet with numbers of striped bass and some larger fish showing up in this past week’s fishing reports.
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