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Posted By Toby Lapinski, July 10, 2017
After weeks of saying, “It will happen any day now,” it finally happened as a good slug of large striped bass settled into the waters off Block Island this week.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve been saying it for a while now; the bass have to show up at some point. Well, it looks like the fish finally got the memo as a large body of 30-, 40 and even 50-pound class stripers settled into the waters of Southwest Ledge sometime around Wednesday afternoon, give or take a tide two. As expected, word spread pretty fast and boats from across New England as well as New York made a B-Line for the Ledge. I feel like it should be quite obvious by now, but unfortunately I must still remind everyone heading out there to A) make sure that you stay INSIDE the 3-mile line when targeting and/or possessing striped bass unless you are in-transit to your home port, and B) please keep your head about you and resist the urge to kill a fish for little more than bragging rights back at the dock. If you plan to eat the fish and have no intention of wasting it, then by all means harvest away! But for those of you just looking to kill a fish to be weighed-in at the local tackle shop for a contest or to get you name in print, only to toss the carcass in a dumpster, then please do us all a favor and sell your fishing gear and move on to another pass time.

In other news, fluke reports generally seem to be best closer to the mainland of Rhode—both off Newport as well as South County—with the Island taking a back seat on general. Maybe this was due as much to a movement in fish as it was anglers targeting stripers out there this week instead, but in general things were better closer to home. Black sea bass reports were much more spread out this week too, with word of scup finally settling in close to shore along South County.

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