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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
North Shore


Posted By Bob Danielson, July 10, 2017
Porgies are a sure bet if you are looking for some good rod bending action and meat for the table.
There has been no shortage of fish this week although the bluefish have been a little scarce along the North Shore so far this season. I would have to give the best bet to the porgies this week. We have heard from all ports that they are just all over and feeding heavy. We heard of scup to 20 inches this week. They have been after both worms and clams although we’ve heard that sand worms have been holding an edge as the better bait choice. The fish have been in the 15 to 25 foot depths near the rocks. There have also been some solid reports of black sea bass in among the porgies too. Fish over three pounds have been taken from one end of the Sound to the other. The bass fishing is still steady although most of the fish we’re hearing about have been up to 36 inches. There were a few big fish reported but they’re the exception not the rule. Fluking is very dependent on location. The eastern part of the Sound is seeing some slow fishing but west of Smithtown Bay has been very productive with some real doormats coming up. We heard of several fish up to 10 pounds plus. The large amount of juvenile porgies has gotten the attention of the larger fluke. They seem to feeding heavily on them in water as deep as 70 feet. I suggest large strip baits and large bucktails to catch the fluke.
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- 281 days ago

Dion from harbor bait Tim and his son had a great morning on a east end pond bass fishing had nine bass to about three pounds.

- 281 days ago

Morning dion from harbor bait porgy fishing is red hot with a lot large fish being caught .fluking is still holding are a lot of bunker pods out in the harbors but there is not a lot of action on them .on the sweet water side there's been reports of decent panfish action and largemouths as well .heres Andrew with a nice bass from a local pond .

Gene - 285 days ago

This has been the worst I have ever seen in 42 years of fishing mid north shore that I can recall

- 286 days ago

There's been bunker everywhere in smithtown bay but haven't seen fish on them. Only luck has been sea robins when fluking or baby fluke...

Jillybird - 286 days ago

Actually, fluking in the Western Sound is terrible right now and has been very bad for the past two weeks. This has been the worst fluke season I can recall in the Western Sound in many years. Even the sea robins have slowed down from their extraordinarily bothersome level of a couple of weeks ago. The fantastic porgy action is what's keeping people fishing now. Bluefish are, for some inexplicable reason, very scarce. Sea bass are not around in great numbers. Striped bass still are, but the bite is sporadic. I can't wait to get back to Montauk.

Jake Bilello - 287 days ago

The porgy fishing this week has been amazing. The moment you drop your line down you will be getting some bites. The fluke fishing has slowed down this week as the fluke went into deeper waters. You can still catch a few when going into deeper waters on steep drop offs. The top of the water has been full of action with bunker everywhere. Under some schools you may catch some bluefish or even a striped bass. The striped bass fishing has also been pretty good where you could take home a fish or two home after chunking on a drop off at night. Overall we had a pretty good fishing week.

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