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Posted By Toby Lapinski, August 7, 2017
If you’ve got the means to get out there, a run to Coxes for cod is a good bet right now!
I had to decline an invite to head to Coxes this past week for cod, and I was regretting it from the moment I had to call the captain as I knew full-well that they would load up—and boy was I right! There has been an excellent bite out there for a couple weeks now and this week produced fish to just-shy of 30 pounds. Pretty much everyone I spoke to who made the run specifically for cod, as well as those stopping on the way back from tuna or shark fishing, added some cod to the fish box.
Closer to home, bassing at Block was slow early in the week but picked up steam by the weekend. With the full moon this week I’d say that as you read this, there is someone fighting a big bass off the island. Eels have been producing both day and night, and daytime has been good for those looking to troll. Fluke and sea bass fishing is excellent from Watch Hill to Block and over to Newport. One item of note, the fish are still kind of shallow for the most part as local waters haven’t really hit that summertime high temperature, so don’t feel the need to steam to the ends of the earth for that doormat!
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