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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY


Posted By Tony Gatto, August 7, 2017
Keep your fingers crossed but the translation to Canyon fishing has started to progress nicely. So far it has been a “7 -10” pin split. East Atlantis to Veatch to the East and Hudson to the west, with not much going on in the middle. 70 pound class yellows, mahi-mahi and swordfish at the Hudson (not many large big eyes yet). To the east the same but better shot at big eyes. It appears a new body of fish has moved into the colder water north of the Bacardi. There is a slug of 68 degree water that has been giving up some 150 pound class fish. To the east the Ranger, butterfish hole and horns have been producing plenty of shark action with some decent bluefin catches as well. The dump has slowed a little as those fish probably pushed north. There is a ton of mackerel from 10 to 40 miles south of Shinnecock. If you use Terrafin look at the chlorophyll charts to distinguish cleaner slope type water.
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