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Posted By Rod Teehan, August 7, 2017
In chapter 5 (“August Bassin’: Frustrating & Unpredictable”) of my first book Largemouth Bass Fishing, published in 1986, I advised readers to avoid Quabbin Reservoir in August. Always a challenging body of water to fish successfully, the Big Lady could be almost impossible in the eighth month. Over the years fishing partners and I have mostly heeded that recommendation and stayed away from the giant impoundment in west central Massachusetts. But every now and then we’ve ignored counsel and headed to Quabbin on a day in August. Sometimes it paid off handsomely as it did on August 12, 2010, when smallmouth bass in Area 1 (Gate 8) were all along the shoreline in fairly shallow water, and we caught a load of them up to 4.5 pounds on Senkos and Dingers. Most of the time, though, we struggled to catch just a few bass prompting us to renew once more our determination never to waste valuable fishing time by ever going to Quabbin in August again. Well, guess where John Chrisant (The Greek) and I fished Tuesday, August 1. That’s correct. On that date we made another of our once-in-awhile, what-the-heck August visits to the very place we’ve told others to shun. Specifically we worked Area 2 and 3 out of Gate 31 in New Salem. The day began very well with the Greek popping a 3-pound, 5-ounce bronzie on a Tiny Torpedo off a rocky point on Parker Island located way out on the big water in Area 3. Then about a half-hour later he hooked a horse—definitely 4 pounds or better—but it tossed the Torpedo on the second jump. From then on, though, action went south. That is, until we tried a stretch of shoreline on the west side of Mount Zion where John had found smallies the week before. The spot—a rock and sand point with an inside turn along a boulder-strewn shoreline—was simply jammed with littlejaws. Unfortunately nearly everyone was a dink in the 8- to 12-inch range with only a couple hitting the 1.5-pound mark. The same proved true of several other spots including the big-water side of the baffle dam: plenty of smallmouths but all small. Overall we boated and released forty-one on Dingers or curly-tail panfish jigs. In some spots such as the baffle dam and the horseshoe dam near the launch site we even trolled tiny jigs on UL outfits just to feel a solid strike. Included in the day’s take were yellow perch, bluegills, a foot-long largemouth bass, and a 12-inch rainbow trout all from spots near the launch ramp. It was fun fishing, but the Greek and I would have traded all those fish for another crack at a bruiser like the one he lost early in the session.
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