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Posted By Toby Lapinski, August 7, 2017
Here we are squarely in the 8th month, and that’s just fine by me. Many anglers hate this time of the year, crying the woes of the “Summer Doldrums,” but not me! I love, love, love this time of the surf season. By now in a normal season the fish and bait have set up in some sort of predictable pattern, well as predictable as they can ever really be. If you’ve been keeping a fishing log of some shape over the years, then you should very likely have the majority of August planned out. When that first big tropical disturbance threatens, you should know exactly where to go. When a weather change is on the horizon following a string of hot and humid days, your mouth should begin to water. And last but not least, that eel tank should be well-stocked with select baits that you’ve either been cultivating all season or that you run out and buy right now. Eels are a key to my August success. I’ve landed fish in excess of 40 pounds in the 8th month on live, dead and rigged eels, and you’re not likely to find me fishing this month without them. On my last outing I packed light, carrying 9 eels in a jug and supported by a single-tube Commando bag on my belt that included a JLH maple Donny, Super Strike Darter and JLH giant Wadd needlefish. The results if the night were somewhat expected based on the conditions at hand—7 fish landed with the largest going 33 pounds, caught on that maple Donny—and I was quite content at the results of this fine trip right in the middle of the summer doldrums.
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