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Posted By Charley Soares, September 11, 2017
: A couple Red Top regulars with a fine catch from the Canal this week.
Some of the best striper fishing that I have ever experienced was when the barometer hit bottom during the advance of hurricane Bob onto our reporting area. While I don’t recommend going out and fishing in a hurricane, I do believe that the fish know when it’s time to eat before hunkering down, and I will attempt to take advantage of that before the remnants of Irma actually hit our area. Safety is of paramount importance in this pre-storm scenario which is often coupled with blowing winds and building seas, and it is a time when the shore-bound angler can really cash in and go large. Check out Dave Anderson’s September article for some insight into how the Canal can be one of the best spots in the area when a storm hits us.
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captADKer - 285 days ago

my experienced dictates the period immediatly after the big late summerfall shake ups regardful[sic] of the lunar cycle.

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