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Posted By Dave Anderson, September 11, 2017
This week the moon is getting smaller every night and rising later. This is a week to fish hard. That dark period after sunset is a godsend for surfcasters that can’t stay out into the wee hours. This is a week that we can’t waste. Sure this week happens every month of the season, but it only happens once in September. This is the last time that we can take advantage of it before the fish go into full migration mode. Yes, some of the fish you will encounter will be migrating, but not with urgency. These fish are in feed mode—the water is cooling, the days are shorter… they know what’s coming. But the water temps are coming back into their comfort zone and the feedbag is firmly strapped on. September is already half over—can you believe that? This week and the period right around the new moon in September… you can’t miss this. Don’t say I didn’t give you the heads up!
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