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FISHING LOGS: New Jersey & Delaware Bay
Central New Jersey


Posted By Karen Wall, September 11, 2017
Central Jersey party boats are taking advantage of good inshore conditions to drop and reel for porgies, which some anglers aboard boats like the Jamaica II are finding come in doubles as often as singles.
Lots of anglers seem to be playing the wait-and-see game but if that’s what you’re doing, you’re missing out. You could be putting porgies in the freezer — the fish are nicely sized and tasty — or you could be stockpiling bluefish baits for next year’s shark season. The snappers are thick so there’s still a chance to get the kids out before the weather gets too unpleasant. And there are schoolie stripers starting to move, so the big ones can’t be far behind. Bottom line: Don’t wait. Fish now.
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