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Posted By Tony Salerno, September 18, 2017
Last week saw incredible numbers of doormat fluke landed along Montauk’s south side. Here is one of many landed by Savio Mizzi over the course of the week.
All good things must eventually come to an end. Unfortunately that is the case with fluke as this Thursday will shut the doors to the 2017 fluke season. And what a season it has been, especially the past two weeks, as historic catches of true doormat fluke were the rule on most open, charter and private vessels. We’re talking 5 to 8 pounders as common as the common cold, fluke between 9 to 11 pounds had to be in your creel for any shot at the pool money, while it takes a flattie of over 12 pounds to turn heads on the Montauk docks. The Montauk Star saw five fluke over 10 pounds come over the rails on Tuesday alone. Frankly, boats fishing along the south side of the Mecca all reaped the bounty of outsize fluke in exceptional numbers. Striped bass stayed around in the rips under the Lighthouse this week with some to 40 plus pounds coming to the scales. The Race and Sluiceway remain slow on the bass front largely due to the incredible abundance of big bluefish, which are making it nearly impossible to get a bass bait down. Fret not though, as the annual fall bass bite should materialize as the water temps begin to fall. Porgy and sea bass fishing remains phenomenal and will be this week’s best bet simply because of the fluke closure. Many big sea bass also impressed, such as the 6 pounder taken aboard the Fin Chaser II as did scup to over 4 pounds. Its triggerfish city outside of Shinnecock Inlet, while there is still plenty of action with weakfish and scup sandwiched between the Forks in the Peconics. The Sound is home to jumbo scup and sea bass along with albies and blues. Sharks are still plentiful not too far from land with lots of mako and thresher steaks making for some fine eats for those fishing 5 to 10 miles south of Montauk Point. Tuna at the canyons has been spotty.
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Brian - 392 days ago

Party boaters selling their catch, it should be LEGAL!!! We should be able to get a permit, but the DEC won't allow it unless you can prove 50% of your income is from fishing. What's better for fisheries, draggers destroying everything in their paths, laying waste to bottom habitat and killing tons of fish they can't sell? Dragging should be outlawed, and permit 100's of pinhookers.

Howard Woltmann - 396 days ago

Well I can only comment on what I read in the Newspapers and heard from some of the local Captains that I have been fishing with for many years. If this is the case why let the boat have a report in this paper. This is not what anyone wants to hear and gives , us , fisherman a bad name. We may all disagree with the regulations, me being one , however if what I read is true this is gross over fishing and the people have no regard for our fishery. Come on 93 fish over the limit with many shorts. Fisherman tossing fish over the side not to be caught. How much fish is on a 12 inch sea bass. I truly hope what I have heard and read is wrong

- 396 days ago

Bunch of SCUMBAGS.

Chris - 398 days ago

No mention of the poaching tickets on the Fin Chaser? These crooks need to be shamed into submission and the fact it was happening on a party boat is even more absurd. "D.E.C. officers boarded the boat and began inspecting the anglers' coolers, finding that the first contained 96 black sea bass, "which is 93 over the legal limit."" Over 1,000 fish were abandoned by anglers who fled the boat and left their coolers.

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