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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
North Shore


Posted By Bob Danielson, September 18, 2017
Weakfish are making their presence felt in Long Island Sound.
The big news of the week is the run of weakfish going on all over the North Shore. Fish up to 7 pounds have been caught this week on baits meant for porgies or sea bass. They have been taken from one end of the island to the other and on both the New York and Connecticut sides of the Sound. I heard that many of the local anglers have been trying to catch the weakies with bucktails, jelly worms or any other soft plastic baits only to get skunked and go back to using clam baits for porgies. It’s only then that they are catching the weakfish. It is strange to say the least. We used to target weakfish with Salty Dog soft plastics and Mann’s 9 inch jelly worms with great success. I guess these weakfish don’t remember that far back and can’t figure out what those things are any more. Porgies are still all over the place with plenty of fish over 2 pounds getting landed. Clam has been the bait of choice to catch not only porgies but sea bass. Chumming has been increasing the success rates of quite a few anglers this week. Some sea bass are also getting caught while porgy fishing. I have gotten reports of sea bass up to three pounds this week. Big blues are still missing from the area. There are a few around but those big schools of choppers have been missing in action for most of the season. Stripers are starting to show up again with fish up to 20 pounds or so being landed. Most of the bass we have been hearing about are schoolies up to 24 inches. Fluke is closing for the season at the end of the day on Thursday so go get your last licks in. We did hear of several fluke upwards of 5 pounds coming up this week so they’re still here.
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