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Posted By Dave Anderson, September 18, 2017
Albies began moving into Long Island Sound this week, get on them before Jose blows them back out!

As it looks right now, Connecticut, and really all of New England, will be spared the brunt of Jose. Still, we will be battered by big seas and winds of at least 40 mph. This means that all fishermen need to be very aware of the sea and what it’s doing if you plan to fish. Right now, my main concern is hoping that the seas lay down quickly and don’t mess things up too much. I know that the further west you go in the Sound the lower the impact from a big groundswell so, I think many of our anglers will be able to fish through it. Look for those east and northeast winds to blow some of this albie action further into the Sound.

I also wanted to make mention of a charity surfcasting tournament that I am running with the help of Toby Lapinski, Greg McNamara and the CT Surfcasters. If you aren’t aware, my friend and fellow Fisherman field editor, John Hanecak’s son has been diagnosed with leukemia and we are trying to raise some money for the family to allay treatment costs and the impacts of lost wages due to seeing their young son through these treatments. If you would like to join, please visit www.outflowfishing.com and follow the links for the OwenStrong tournament. The tourney is catch-photo-release format and runs September 22 to October 21, the entry fee is $30. There is a major charity event planned for the end of the tourney at the Clinton Town Hall, Saturday October 21st running noon to 4:30—this is open to the public with great food, amazing raffles and seminars from some of New England’s top anglers. Good luck this week and be safe.

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