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Posted By John Hanecak, September 18, 2017
While pre-storm fishing can be quite good at time, be sure to keep caution a top priority as no fish is worth losing your life. (Photo by Chris Wahl)
Hurricane Jose is currently forecast to pass well offshore of New England, but we will likely see strong sustained winds and rough seas as the storm passes. Fishing in and around fall storms can be very productive, especially for those of us who fish from shore, but the same conditions that can make for epic fishing increase the risks exponentially. Know your limits and stay safe through this and coming storms this season. We all know, but sometimes need to be reminded, that there isn’t a fish out there that is worth risking serious injury or worse over.
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big lou - 390 days ago

full of crap one fish per person daily not two

William Hanson - 390 days ago

Spire fishing for taug Sunday Sept 24 th got my limit in just over an hour. West side of fort Adams new port some really big fish spoted also

Matt - 394 days ago

Kayaked out of Scarborough to black point on Saturday. The surf was high and so were the swells but the swells were distanced apart for smooth paddling. I landed over 20 small stripers, two were keepers. A dozen albies, could have caught more but my wrist felt broken. A handful of blues, countless seasbass, scup, even a few blackfish, all fished with 2 epoxy jig. I guesstimated catching close to 100 fish overall in a 6 hour period. At times while paddling I had my epoxy jig trailing in the water a few feet from my kayak, and I had blues and albies nearly take my rod with it. Bet day of fishing I've ever had.

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