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Posted By Charley Soares, September 18, 2017
Gerald Lapierre landed this impressive 6-pound American eel while fishing in a little Cape Cod kettle pond this week.

I thought I’d caught and seen some really big eels in over 50 years of mating for eelers and hauling my own string of pots but I’ve never seen anything like the 41.5-inch, 6- pounder that Gerry Lapierre Sr. brought into the Goose on Saturday morning. The state does not keep records on eels, but there are several states that do and a few of them have registered those big freshwater snakes at over 10 pounds. I know a few grand old stripers that would consider that a substantial meal, including Roccus in the incredible tale of the world record striper in, The Shining Tides.

Striper action has been pretty good in the Canal the last few days with fish to almost-40 pounds being landed. The moon tides this week should produce some hot action especially if the seas get blown out due to the storm. If you’re looking for tips on how to fish the Canal in big weather, be sure to give Dave Anderson’s article a look that appears in the September monthly issue titled, “The Perfect Storm, Solution.”

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