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Posted By Dave Anderson, September 18, 2017

“Wow,” is all can say. I have never cared enough to even keep a tin in the bag when albies were around—mostly because I fish almost exclusively after dark. This year, I decided to give it a try and I caught one and busted another one off—I think my drag was too tight. That run is amazing to say the least and there is a certain euphoria that comes with it; but when I hear about guys that stand in one spot for six hours, my head starts to spin. This is not a dig on you if you’re one of those people. I just think I would move around if I had that kind of time to burn and the bite wasn’t coming together. But catching an albie is most definitely THE thing to do right now, I’ve seen so many photos of albies on Instagram this week that it’s not even cool anymore.

While the masses have been hunting albies there has been a pretty good night bite for bass in the surf as the waves build ahead of Hurricane Jose. As I write this, Jose’s track seems to be trending out to sea—thankfully—but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be dealing with some huge surf. Please be safe out there. This storm could not be timed any worse, the worst of whatever we get will be coming right on the September new moon, this moon might be my favorite of the entire year. I look at this as a shuffle of the deck—we just don’t know what hand we’ll be dealt when the waves subside. Let’s hope it’s aces.

And don’t forget to join the OwenStrong Surfcasting Tournament, go to outflowfishing.com and follow the links for OwenStrong to sign up.

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