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Posted By Dave Anderson, October 2, 2017
Albies remain quite plentiful inside Long Island Sound, but boy have they been finicky! Try down-sizing your offering to find success. (Image courtesy of AW Marina)
 Finally, we can breathe again. This week looks pretty good weather-wise. No fog, no hurricanes, no protracted days of tropical storm force winds. This is the week where we get back out there and find a new place to begin. False albacore have weathered the storm just fine and every place between Watch Hill and the Norwalk Islands seems to have them. The fish have been finicky, smaller epoxy jigs have been working along with Zoom Flukes. Porgy action also seems to be on fire, pretty much throughout the Sound. These fish will not stick around for too much longer so get out there while you still can. All eyes are looking to blackfish season which opens October 10th. Stock up now and get ready.
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Kurt - 434 days ago

got this 40" striper while casting for albies in 5 feet of water only 10 feet from shore with 12 pound test and small deadly dick lure in the Niantic, CT area last Friday (929)29

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