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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY


Posted By Tom Melton, October 16, 2017
 The cooler weather should continue to spur action on Long Island. Cooler weather means bass will begin to fatten up. Fish faster moving or reaction baits – cranks, jerkbaits, swimbaits or spinnerbaits in lighter colors. Trout should be stocked in most ponds by the week’s end, so get out the small worms, spinners or 1/8-ounce spoons in gold or silver. Another option is the northern areas, specifically the Salmon River area. Steve Gilman checked in to say it was a slow week as fish were far and few in between. Steve had one nice bass of 2 pounds and three perch in two days of fishing. On Sunday at Massapequa Lake he had one, 1-pound bass and one, 7-inch perch.
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