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Posted By Dave Anderson, October 16, 2017
 I talk to a lot of guys about the bass bite and bass in general, and the consensus seems to be—with few exceptions—that this fall is not performing up to it’s potential—ranking a solid C-minus. Honestly, I’d give it a D. I think a lot of people are trying to remain optimistic, and I am too, but there’s definitely a problem with striper abundance. This is made obvious by the meager results for anyone fishing outside of the hot zone of that week. The insane Canal explosions this year may serve to paint a rosy picture, but ask the guys that didn’t fish the Ditch how they made out and you’ll start to see a clearer picture. Another piece of clear evidence is the numbers of shore guys fishing for albies and blackfish this fall; you never used to see that, now everyone is doing it. This is no coincidence. I have seen many years where the period between Halloween and Thanksgiving rescued the fall—man, I hope this year is one of them.
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