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Southern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands


Posted By Charley Soares, October 23, 2017
The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife has been working long hours the last few weeks stocking trout across the Bay State.
 If freshwater is your passion then you are in luck as the state has been out in forces stocking trout for the late-fall and winter fisheries. On the salty side, false albacore are in no hurry to leave their New England hunting grounds, and if the weather continues to produce early September temperatures like the 74 degrees we had on Saturday and Sunday they have no reason to leave. There are stripers from just off Chatham to Westport Harbor and with all the peanut bunker, mature bunker and silversides around no one is complaining. Blackfish action in Buzzards Bay is good and getting better by the day. Tuna fishing is downright fantastic east of Chatham with more giants being landed than harvestable recreational fish.
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Joe c. - 116 days ago

Fantastic. Only the fishermen are disappearing not the fish.

William Hanson - 118 days ago

Around Westport harbor. Catching American shad. Live linning. Fish every day. Fifteen keepers. In 13 days straight. Up to 37 pounds. In and around the harbor

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