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Posted By Dave Anderson, October 23, 2017
 The OwenStrong Surfcasting Tournament concluded on Saturday morning and the event that followed was a rousing success. Surfcasters from New Jersey to Massachusetts came together at the Clinton Town Hall in Clinton, CT for a day of food, seminars and raffles. I haven’t heard the final tally yet, but I know the tournament raised nearly $5,000 and I believe the fundraiser accumulated at least that much. It was a great day that came with an almost familial feel. I would like to thank all of the people that joined the tournament, all of the people and companies that donated product and all of the guys that made the drive—no matter how long or short—to support Owen as he navigates three years of treatment. It was a day I won’t soon forget. I’d also like to thank Jay and Karyn Hanecak, along with both of their families for making me feel so welcome—I felt like I had known them forever. And last bit of thanks goes out to Greg McNamara, Toby Lapinski, Jared Clairmont, Chris Blouin and all of the other guys that worked tirelessly on making this thing a success.
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