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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
North Shore


Posted By Bob Danielson, October 30, 2017
As water temperatures drop, some bigger tog, like this one caught aboard Sound Bound Charters, are sucking down crab baits.
 The weakfish that were hanging around in the area for the past few weeks seem to have moved on. They were sure a big and welcomed surprise for everyone on the North Shore this season. There are still plenty of false albacore roaming around from one end of the Island to the other still. They have been hitting small flies, epoxy jigs and Deadly Dick lures with abandon over the past week or two. Striper fishing has been seeing lots of schoolies but not a lot of bigger fish in the mix. Bluefish have been pretty quiet again with no real signs of improvement. Although porgies and sea bass are still around in good numbers most of the fishing effort has been directed towards the blackfishing again this week. We started to see and hear of some bigger fish being landed with fish over 13 pounds in the reports this week. The shallow water action continues to provide lots of action with fewer keepers in the mix but the better fish are deeper in the water column. We’ve heard that water between 40 and 60 feet deep has been seeing the bigger fish from several different sources. For those anglers looking to score with the large amount of albies still around you better get your game on quick. They should be moving on within the next couple of weeks. I’ve heard of them from one end of the Island to the other with plenty of fish willing to take a lure. The season only has a few weeks left so get out there and fish!
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Jay - 345 days ago

8.5 lber off of city island on Jack bait and tackle jigs and Asian local is red hot on down

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