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Posted By Dave Anderson, October 30, 2017
 I’ve been battling a nasty cold all week, complete with a 103 fever and rampant insomnia so I haven’t gotten out at all since last Saturday night. With that said there are still plenty of fish on the move no matter where you live. There are still teen bass up as far as the Mass/New Hampshire border, I lost a very large fish last weekend in Buzzards Bay, and we have reports of good fishing throughout the Canal, Rhody and Connecticut, the biggest fish of the week was a 47-pounder from Connecticut waters. So don’t be fooled by the calendar or the weather or what history may have told you, there are still plenty of fish to come.
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Doug Brander - 407 days ago

Thanks for posting, even while you're sick. I imagine that it's killing you to be missing tides and action right now. So hurry up and get well!

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