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Southern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands


Posted By Charley Soares, November 6, 2017
There are plenty of bluefin still being landed off the Cape, and with loads of bait still hanging around the bite shows no sign of letting up any time soon. (Photo courtesy of Fish Chatham Charters)
 This has all the earmarks of being a very long striper and tuna season. Everywhere from Boston to Plymouth to Buzzards Bay and to the west there are schoolies providing a great deal of action. If you want to insure a larger fish then put away your standard bass tackle and switch to ultralight. That will insure a hook up with a jumbo that is certain to make good its escape. But in all seriousness, for those smaller bass which are so plentiful right now we suggest that you modify your tackle for ease of catch-and-release. Opt for single-hook lures like jigs or tins and crush the barbs on your hooks.
For tuna, you can find plenty of bluefin at the Sword and Crab Ledge, and there is still plenty up on Stellwagen Bank. Those locations are loaded with mackerel and sand eels and should hold the fish for a while.
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