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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
East End


Posted By Tony Salerno, April 9, 2018
Flounder continue to be a popular early season target for some anglers despite a two fish bag limit.
 Another week of wind and cold temperatures hampering the East End certainly has anglers fed up with the elements, and hoping for a warming trend real soon. The good news is that spring may finally be on the horizon as warmer temperatures are predicted by this weekend. With water temps hovering around the 40 degree mark, most scenarios remain real quiet with the exception of some schoolie stripers deep inside Little Peconic Bay. No one as attempted to hunt for cod either locally or offshore. As for flounder, a couple of my buddies did soak some bank mussels, chowder clams and sandworms from the banks of the Shinnecock Canal along the south end this week and found the bite absolutely nonexistent despite bouncing around anywhere from the locks to underneath the Montauk Highway Bridge. Should you decide to give flounder fishing a whirl at the canal in the next week or so, make sure to bring along some fresh live bank mussels if nothing else. Spring flounder favor bank mussels over all else when the water is cold and they are sluggish. Blood and sandworms are a good second and third choice, with chowders having their moments, especially when the water is cold. In addition, clams often catch the big black backs. The best shot at scoring with a flattie or two is during the first couple of hours from when the locks first close. The water along the south end of the canal is at its warmest at that time. The large crowds of anglers that use to line the banks during flounder season in years gone by, has tailed off considerably in recent years for obvious reasons. Therefore feel free to roam the banks every half hour or so until hopefully you connect.
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