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Posted By Dave Anderson, April 9, 2018
The trout trucks have been running double-duty of late in preparation for the April 14 Opening Day of trout season. Don’t forget to buy your Trout Stamp! (Photo courtesy of CT Fish & Wildlife)
 This year in Connecticut anglers will be required to buy a $5 trout stamp in addition to their freshwater license if they intend to fish for trout. There has been some resistance to this idea, but c’mon people, it’s $5 bucks. You may remember that state legislatures were toying with the idea of ending the stocking program a few years ago; this stamp will help ensure that we don’t lose this long-standing Opening Day tradition.
Out in the Sound, water temps are very low and things may take a while to really get going. Striper action is picking up in the Housy and the Connecticut River. But flounder and blackfish results have been very slow so far. We need a warm spell, once that happens, things will fall into place pretty fast. Looking on the bright side there are fresh schoolies and some small keepers showing in northern Jersey right now, so it won’t be long—heck, there were even reports of bluefish in southern Jersey. So whip out those flimsy trout sticks and buckle up, the season is just about to begin, and that feels pretty good.
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