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Rhode Island


Posted By John Hanecak, April 9, 2018
With the opening of trout season in Rhode Island this Saturday, the RI Fish and Wildlife's hatchery staff have been busy stocking trout across the state. (Photo courtesy of RI DEM)
 Since catching the saltwater fishing bug many years ago, fishing for trout lost a lot of its appeal as did the annual tradition of opening day. As a kid I remember not being able to sleep the night before trout season opened, and no matter the weather I would spend the entire weekend fishing the local rivers, lakes and ponds. Maybe it’s having a child myself that has me thinking back fondly on those opening day weekends with my father and friends, or maybe there is some other reason, but regardless of the reason I’m thinking it might be time to dust off the trout rods and take a trip down memory lane at some of my old favorite fishing holes.
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