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FISHING LOGS: Long Island, Metro NY
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Posted By Tom Melton, April 9, 2018
Blackfish often show a preference for soft baits during April.
 What can I say, Mother Nature is really not cooperating with us so far this spring! I have heard scattered reports of a handful of flounder, with a few blackfish in the mix. Stripers can be had in the tidal creeks with white perch active as well. On a positive note, I did hear of blues and stripers along the Jersey shore and they’re working their way north. If Mother Nature gives us a window of warmer weather, bass, blues, blackfish and flounder could all spike in the coming the weeks.
Early season blackfish action can be tough, especially while using soft baits. A trick I learned down south while Sheepshead fishing several years ago was to use a piece of a ladies stocking. Insert your bait – shrimp, clam etc. inside a piece of stocking, and then hook that on your hook or jig. The stocking will make it tough for the blackfish to tear it off without getting hooked.
For flounder fans, I used to use those cyalume light sticks about a foot above my hook. I know they work because there were many outings when I had fish and anglers with, or next to me went fishless. I found they worked especially well if you also kept your bait still after several bounces of the sinker.
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