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New England
Freshwater  ¦  October 16, 2017


By Rod Teehan  |  October 16, 2017
 In the autumn many species of freshwater game fish and panfish including largemouths, smallmouths, pickerel, pike, crappies, perch, broodstock salmon, and trout can be found well within casting distance of shore-bound fishermen. Indeed, fishing from land in October, November, and December can often be more productive than angling from a boat. It is certainly more relaxing. I’m primarily a boat fisherman, but ...

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Fishin' Factory 3

Fishin' Factory 3

Word from Andrew at Fishin' Factory 3 in Middletown is that the Connecticut River is full of hickory shad. Wethersfield Cove is one of the ...

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Saunders Boat Livery

Saunders Boat Livery

Bass fishing at Congamond Lake remained unchanged according to Skip Bryant at Saunders Boat Livery, Inc. in Southwick. Smaller bass up to 3 or 4 ...

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